Colorado Outdoors

The last few months were, well, a detour. I stepped a little out of my comfort zone to do some video tutorials for Nisus Writer Pro, a Macintosh word processor. Doing video podcasting was intimidating, but it has been a terrific learning experience. And everyone has been very supportive, especially the folks at Nisus Software.

But spring is here and summer is coming. If you’re like me, you are probably turning our attention outdoors, and maybe planning a trip. Everyone has favorite places, and many of mine are in Colorado. While they are terrific in the winter, the mountains can also be spectacular in the summer. I thought I’d share a few of my favorite photo locations.

Sunrise at Sprague Lake. Rocky Mountain National Park Read More…

Enjoying Winter Extremes

It's before dawn. The air is crisp, indeed very cold, the sky is clear, and it seems I can reach out and touch the stars. As the night turns to day — the turning of the blues — subtle snowdrifts begin to take shape, with wisps of powdered snow dancing across the tops of the drifts. Wind-blown ice is visible on a nearby stream, as I knew it would be. Soon the alpenglow will shine on the peaks and reflect on that ice. Everything is set to capture a dramatic winter landscape.

Winter Dawn

My first ventures into winter photography were frightening. I was very concerned about the potential dangers of the cold. I also knew I would be traveling alone most of the time. Solitude amplified the threat — there would be no one there to help if I got into trouble. But I somehow knew that winter shooting can be very rewarding, and wanted it to be relatively safe. Read More…