Enjoying Winter Extremes

It's before dawn. The air is crisp, indeed very cold, the sky is clear, and it seems I can reach out and touch the stars. As the night turns to day — the turning of the blues — subtle snowdrifts begin to take shape, with wisps of powdered snow dancing across the tops of the drifts. Wind-blown ice is visible on a nearby stream, as I knew it would be. Soon the alpenglow will shine on the peaks and reflect on that ice. Everything is set to capture a dramatic winter landscape.

Winter Dawn

My first ventures into winter photography were frightening. I was very concerned about the potential dangers of the cold. I also knew I would be traveling alone most of the time. Solitude amplified the threat — there would be no one there to help if I got into trouble. But I somehow knew that winter shooting can be very rewarding, and wanted it to be relatively safe. Read Moreā€¦